1. Tell Atlanta Cigar Week attendees a little about yourself. 
I am Brian “BT” Thomas, born and raised in ATL, a humble, laid back yet can be the life of the party type of guy, never meet a stranger, FAMU Grad, Cigar Business Owner and Enthusiast. 

2. When did you fall in love with cigars? Fell in love with cigars around March 2014 while on my 20th Line Anniversary with my Fraternity Brothers from ΚΑΨ Fraternity, Inc.  

3. Where is your favorite place to smoke in Atlanta? My favorite places to enjoy cigars are Highland Cigar Bar and Cigar City Club 

4. When you are not enjoying a cigar, what do you like to do? I enjoy boxing, Martial Arts, and watching my kids play their sports. 

5. What is 1 Atlanta MUST-See/MUST-Go for out of town attendees? The Clermont Lounge

6. Where can ACW attendees find you on social media?

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