Atlanta-born, Alabama-raised. I am Rio Bravado aka Rio McFLY. Cigar Aficionado & Fashion influencer. Owner of Rio Bravado cigars (coming soon) & certified tax preparer. I am also currently the Creative Director & Brand Ambassador for Dapper Shan Clothiers & Fashion House 47. Host of “Cigar Thursdays” at C&C Social House.

I fell in love with cigars as a child when the hospital gifted our family with a box of cigars after my baby brother was born. I opened that box about 2 years later and I had my very 1st cigar at the age of 11.

My favorite places to smoke in Atlanta are Fellaship ATL & Smyrna Village Bourbon Bar.

When I am not smoking cigars, I enjoy learning new things & helping my son with his new-found love of martial arts.

One place that out-of-towners must visit while visiting Atlanta is definitely C&C Social House.

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