I’m Naomi-Marie, I have been in Atlanta for the last 4 years, and I’ve also been a part of Atlanta Cigar week since introduced in 2017. I am a veteran that helps other veterans, and a hostess at a local cigar lounge.  I also am a wedding officiant and entrepreneur. 

When did you fall in love with cigars? 

I’ve smoked cigars for over 12 years. I fell in love with cigars when I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina while hanging out with a close girlfriend of mine who is also a SOTL. She turned me on to different lounges where I found my first cigar and have leveled up my palate ever since.

Where is your favorite place to smoke in Atlanta? 

Atlanta has so many wonderful cigar lounges to smoke so I couldn’t in good consciousness only mention one.

When you are not enjoying a cigar, what do you like to do? When I’m not enjoying a cigar, I enjoy writing and traveling internationally.
What is 1 Atlanta must-go/must-see for out-of-town attendees? The Botanical Gardens. It has the largest orchid nursery in the US.

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